Wednesday, December 28, 2005

For James Urbaniak, it started innocently enough: with a Livejournal. But that proved merely a gateway to a Blogger account. And that led this once practical actor to the final circle of internet hell: Myspace. Would there ever be a way out for...THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN BLOG

I'm tellin' ya, doc, it's makin' me nuts! I don't eat, I don't sleep! All I do is blog!

I see. Und may I ask vhy you are playing drums in my office?

To keep my hands occupied, doc! Otherwise, I'd be rolling up my sleeves and bloggin' on your computer! Man, I got an internet monkey on my back and it just won't quit!

Hmmm. You appear to have a serious addiction.

Crazy. Tell me something I don't know, daddy-o.
He plays a savage rhythm on his drums. Later that night in his apartment...

Uuuurghh!! NOOOO!!! Must...resist!!!

Minutes later...

"Current Mood: Restless."

The next day James talks to his friend Dane Cook.*
(*Dramatic condensation; the two do not actually know each other.)

Dude, get over your guilt trip! How do you think I got so famous? The internet! You build your fan base as you build your career. It's a beautiful thing!

I know. It's just that Myspace seems...

...kinda gay?


Dude, I don't mean gay like gay. I mean junior high gay. Gay like stupid. Well, it is. But so what? Newsflash, dude: so's Livejournal. The whole internet is gay.

What? What are you talking about?

I'm working on a bit, chill out. But seriously, dude: you know you love it.

Later that night, James plays his drums. But the siren call of his computer beckons...




"Current mood: AWESOME!!!"


James Urbaniak...Frank Sinatra
Psychiatrist..........Sig Ruman
Dane Cook...........Himself

(c) 2005 Voucher Ankles Films
Sig Ruman appears courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Monday, December 19, 2005

Separated at Birth?

(Reprinted courtesy ub_iwerks_hot)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coming this spring to NBC


Starring James Urbaniak as Dr. Gregory Stevenson

Meet Greg Stevenson, a daring doctor practicing the world's most dangerous form of veterinary medicine: fish surgery. A heart-racing world where the stakes are sky-high and every second counts. And a place where sometimes to save the fish, you've got to break the rules. Also starring Madchen Amick as Dr. Jocelyn Reeder and Delroy Lindo as Hospital Administrator Cal Guthrie.

Go deep

The hell?

What is this? I already have a Livejournal. Confused.

Update: I am not alone.